Wreak Havoc in Hungry Dragon for Android

Hungry Dragon by indie studio Ubisoft is an addictingly fun arcade shooter designed exclusively for mobile platforms. Embark across sprawling cityscapes as an ever-growing dragon, devouring everything in sight to unlock crazy mutations, salvage coins for upgrades, and cause all the destructive mayhem your heart desires!

Getting Started with Hungry Dragon

Hungry Dragon is free-to-play on the Google Play Store. Follow these instructions to properly download, install, and boot up the app for the first time:

Step 1: Install from the Play Store

Open the Play Store app on your Android device and search for “Hungry Dragon.” Tap the entry published by Ubisoft, then press “Install.”

Step 2: Load the Tutorial Stage

Once installed, open Hungry Dragon and tap through the initial splash screens explaining core controls and mechanics. Pay attention to these basic tips!

Step 3: Unleash Your Dragon

After the tutorial segment concludes, you finally can select and unlock your preferred starting dragon. Then embark through the city gates to begin your journey toward ultimate rampaging glory!

With those steps completed, the keys to the kingdom – err, city are in your claws! Read on to learn gameplay essentials.

Core Gameplay Mechanics

As a volatile fire-breathing dragon, basic movement and controls come intuitively. Here are the essential play mechanics for ransacking cities down to bedrock across Hungry Dragon’s 300+ levels:


Guide your dragon left or right using the directional buttons accordingly. Tap anywhere on screen to flap wings and soar through the skies.

Eating Objects to Grow

Devour everything and everyone on streets below by tapping screen with your dragon’s mouth over targets to add them to your belly and expand your size.

Spewing Fire

As you hold down the left direction key, an Active Fire meter charges up allowing blasts of flame breath upon release to torch obstacles blocking your flight path or extra crispy cooked meals!

With those basics down, continue chomping through each stage target requirements unlocking new areas until you reign as an unstoppable mega mutant!

Additional Controls and Mechanics

While eating everything moves you forward, master additional abilities for spreading maximum damage during your city-toppling rampages:

Dashing and Diving

Tap dash icons to jet forward with a temporary speed boost perfect for chasing down fleeing humans or shattering through buildings in your path.

Power Diving

Tap the glide down icon to plummet straight down from the sky and slam the ground – demolishing structures and vehicles caught in the quaking shockwave.

Boosting with Coins

Gulp down gold coins littering streets to fill up your Boost meter. When topped off, tap to ignite all boosts granting temporary enhanced speed and handling.

Once you earn these powers, no skyscraper or army can stand in your way!

Unlocking Mutated Dragons

As rampages continue between cities, special blue portal gates sometimes appear offering access to magical mutation zones. Entering these stages gradually evolves your dragon into crazier forms with wacky new powers!

Mutation Stages

Each themed mutation gate like electricity, ice, or toxic waste introduces new environmental dangers or enemies with unique weaknesses for your current form to overcome.

New Attack Types

In mutation stages, your dragon unlocks alternative elemental breath weapons like shooting lightning, spraying acid, or gusting subzero icy mist with distinct destructive properties useful against specific obstacles.

Morphed Appearances

Warping through enough mutation portals physically alters your dragon’s body, adding wings, horns, discolored scales, and other bizarre features making them increasingly more imposing.

Continue seeking mutation zones to push morphological transformations to their absolute limits!

Upgrading Perks and Abilities

While gulping quick snacks mid-flight stays essential, don’t ignore available avenues for further strengthening your dragon beyond hit point pool increases from mass consumption.

Slotting Coins for Perks

Pause gameplay and visit the upgrades page. Here, assorted swallowed gold coin types can fill slots granting new perks like improved handling, fire recharge rates, magnetized coin attraction ranges, and more to enhance future runs.

Specialty Dragon Skills

Between stages, allocated absorbed soul essence into new active and passive skills options including capabilities like error-correcting midair barrel rolls upon crashing or spawning destructive firecracker decoys.

Daily Challenges

Check challenges menu for rotating daily objectives awarding hefty coin and gem bonuses supporting perks and skill purchases upon completion such as distance travelled or vehicles destroyed thresholds.

With sufficient upgrades, achieve untold levels of fire-breathing ultra-destructive supremacy!

Competing Against Friends in Multiplayer

Wreaking solo havoc stays entertaining, but why not rope your friends into the rampaging party? Social play options include:

Comparing High Scores

After each run, your distance score tallies on the level select map. Here, you can view scoreboards of friends and issue direct challenges to their marks. Outperform them for bragging rights plus leaderboard climb incentives!

Crews Mode Duels

Sync up your dragon’s mutation stage and city level with friends by forming Crews. You then can race in real time to complete stage objectives, throwing obstacles in their path for handicaps!

Global Rank Tracking

Each dragon type tracks lifetime runs, cities demolished, humans consumed, and real cash spent in global dragon master boards. Become world renowned for your destruction prowess!

While going solo has charms, launching fireballs and dive bombing friends makes everything twice as destructive!

In-App Purchases and Rewards

Spending actual money is not essential, but can fast track you towards ultimate power if desired through in-game gem deals.

Premium Gem Currency

Purchase sacks of gems using real cash to speed up perk and skill unlocks instead of grinding daily challenge coin payouts. Gems premium Debian can also buy cosmetic skins.

Temporary Score Multipliers

For quicker progression and coin finds, activate double or triple scoring bonuses for set real-world durations using gem packs. Multipliers increase distances achieved each run.

Extra Play Sessions

If you ever deplete finite energy meter refilling only over time, spend gems on energy vials granting immediate back to back stage plays rather than waiting hours between action.

While free players can still reach elite status through perseverance alone, gem premium payout shortcuts exist too!

Managing Android from Any Device with AirDroid

As you can see, Hungry Dragon offers a satisfying destructive sandbox catering to your inner rage monster with plenty of gameplay enhancements continuing long after those starting areas turn to rubble. Download today and unleash fiery pandemonium everywhere you soar! Oh, the humanity!

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