Unlock Ultimate YouTube Customization with iTube on Android

iTube is a feature-rich third party YouTube client for Android that delivers extensive configuration options beyond the official YouTube app to customizable tailor the streaming experience.

Key Advantages

While the main appeal involves amplifying control over the default YouTube interface, iTube also uniquely provides:

  • No ads during video playback
  • Background and popup playback
  • Audio extraction from videos
  • Enhanced video recommendations
  • Greater theme personalization potential

Together these bonus capabilities on top of base YouTube functionality makes iTube a must-try utility.

Perfect for Advanced Users

The advanced configuration means a bit more setup compared to simply launching the regular YouTube app. But the extra customization depth rewards those wanting greater authority over their YouTube media consumption. Power users gain tremendous fine-grained control to curate their ultimate streamer.

Why iTube Beats the Main YouTube App

Let’s explore the key areas where installing iTube over the stock YouTube app unleashes major benefits:

No Video Ads

iTube strips out all in-stream video advertising completely for uninterrupted viewing (banner ads still show within app). Say goodbye to pauses thanks to purged pre/mid/postroll ads.

Background Playback

Listen to YouTube music playlists or long videos while multitasking across other apps. iTube removes annoying audio stream interruptions when minimizing the app or locking your phone unlike standard YouTube.

Floating Window Mode

Keep videos readily accessible using the floating player window. Resize the popout overlay anywhere Whether browsing other apps or games, retain easy access to what you’re watching simultaneously thanks to picture-in-picture capabilities.

Audio Extraction

Extract and save just the audio portion from videos to listen natively through your music apps or as standalone files. Great for capturing music tracks, podcasts or tutorials without the accompanying visuals.

Granular Control Everywhere

Beyond the extra tools, iTube grants expanded UI theming options, watch history transparency, video queues, playback speed control, gestural navigation and way more all exposed through the settings for fine-grained configurations.

For Android enthusiasts wanting to seize YouTube streaming on their own terms, iTube makes that dream possible.

Getting Started with iTube

Installing iTube helps knock down the walled garden restrictions imposed by standard YouTube. Here’s how to get up and running:

Step 1: Download iTube APK

As a third-party YouTube client, iTube isn’t officially available on Google Play Store. Instead, download the APK from ApkPure, APKMirror or directly from the XDA forum thread then install.

Step 2: Import Subscriptions from YouTube

When first launching, iTube will automatically import over your account details, watch history and subscriptions from standard YouTube so nothing gets lost switching over.

Step 3: Adjust Settings to your Preference

Dive into iTube’s settings menu to tweak configurations around video quality defaults, theme colors, gestural controls, automatic queuing and much more based on your watching patterns.

With everything imported and personalized, it’s time to take back control of your YouTube streaming experience!

Key Features and Tools Within iTube

Beyond delivering all the core functionality expected from a robust YouTube client, iTube packs in some exclusive goodies including:

Ad-Free Video Playback

No disruption from forced ad watches during videos. Pre, mid and post roll ads get stripped out so you only watch exactly what you want without distraction.

Floating Popup Player

Keep videos readily playable even when multitasking across apps. Resize the floating window with intuitive gestures like pinch/pull. Great for music listening.

Background Audio Playback

Listen to videos like playlists or music remotely even with iTube running the background or phone screen off without streams cutting out prematurely.

Audio Track Extraction

For music videos or tutorials, extract just the audio portion to your device storage for listening independently without the accompanying video portion.

Expansive Theme Engine

Take charge over colors, layouts and styles using the integrated theme manager letting you cater the app visually to your personal tastes. Deep UI changes possible.

Enhanced Gesture Controls

Swipe, pinch and stretch across videos for easy command access. Customize gestures within settings to map preferred actions like brightness, queueing, pip mode and more.

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With iTube installed, YouTube feels limitless instead of restrictive. Enjoy ad-free viewing, background audio, floating playback, downloads and way more all customized exactly the way you want. The freedom is now at your fingertips!

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