Revolutionize Your Android Home Screen with Action Launcher

Action Launcher delivers an ultra sleek Pixel-inspired UI yet uniquely unlocked with a huge array of configuration tools like customizable app actions, cover shortcuts, shutters and quicktheming to tailor things exactly the way you want.

Let’s explore why advanced Android users praise Action Launcher for revolutionizing their home screen and productivity workflows thanks to the sheer customization freedom provided on top of an already beautifully refined stock design.

What is Action Launcher?

Action Launcher provides a highly polished, responsive and easily customizable home screen replacement launcher for Android aiming to maximize both aesthetics and efficiency.

Key Advantages

Beyond offering a gorgeous Pixel-style UI out the box, Action Launcher uniquely provides:

  • Insanely customizable app icons and actions
  • QuickShortcut creation with Shutters
  • Contextual Predictive Smartbars
  • Beautifully smooth, optimized performance

Together these capabilities cement Action Launcher as a must-try home screen alternative for unlocking next-level configuration tools.

Perfect for Power Users

While fantastic for anyone wanting to amplify their Android experience, typical home launchers lack the expansive flexibility provided by Action. Thus power users gain the most from fully utilizing the customization toolkit at their fingertips.

Why Choose Action Launcher Over Stock?

Ready to revolutionize your Android navigation by upgrading from the default home screen experience? Here’s where Launcher shines:

Pixel-Inspired Refined UI

Retain the visual polish and fluidity of Pixel launcher skins while unlocking bonus tweaking options. Enjoy buttery responsiveness via silky 120Hz scrolling support.

Insanely Customizable Actions

Take shortcuts up a notch by assigning custom swipe/tap behaviors to apps, folders or widgets adding tremendous utility. Get creative streamlining workflows!

Automatic Smartbars

Action Launcher studies your navigation patterns to automatically generate a predictive shortcut bar along the top saving time jumping frequently accessed apps. Disable easily in settings if not wanted.

Quicktheme Integration

Instantly change up your entire color scheme and wallpapers by integrating directly with the Quicktheme app library for one-tap visual transformations. Refresh your style weekly!

Tired of the limitations from stock Android launchers? Read on to experience the game changing personalization power within Launcher now.

Getting Started with Action Launcher

Revolutionizing your Android navigation via Launcher takes just minutes. Here’s how:

Step 1: Download and Set As Default

Grab Action Launcher off the Google Play Store or as direct APK and set it as your active home screen within Android settings.

Step 2: Customize Core Apps

Start personalizing by long pressing on apps to set custom icons, swipe/tap actions or Shutters which enable quicker shortcut access. Get creative streamlining usual tasks!

Step 3: Enable Widgets and Smartbars

Populate your homescreens with handy widgets like Google Search alongside auto-generated Smartbar app shortcuts. Toggle Smartbar preferences or themes in Launcher settings.

With Action Launcher set as your default home handler, the customization fun kicks off in earnest!

Now let’s look at powerful features for unlocking maximum efficiency.

Key Action Launcher Features and Tools

Beyond a gorgeous stock launcher replacement, Action Launcher packs great bonus tricks like:

Fully Customizable App Actions

Go beyond normal app icons and shortcuts by assigning custom tap-and-hold behaviors like Split Screen or Secondary commands. Additional Edge swipe actions add even more utility.

Quickaccess Shutters

Shutters enable quicker access to app shortcuts which you can fully edit and customize. Keep Shutters consistent globally or tailor them per app icon while retaining main shortcuts.

Beautiful Covers Support

Leverage gorgeous premade Launcher themes called Covers instantly changing up wallpapers and icon styles for fresh looks while retaining your customizations. Discover amazing fan-made options!

Efficient Predictive Smartbars

The top auto-generated Smartbar plus bottom dock screen shortcuts display apps predicted automatically by Action Launcher to match your usage patterns saving tons of time daily.

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With Launcher installed, home screen boredom disappears and frustration from app hunting ceases thanks to empowered hyper-personalization capabilities. Enjoy a smoother, smarter and simpler mobile experience via the finest Android launcher around!

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