Pushbullet for Android – The Ultimate Guide for 2024

Pushbullet is one of the most useful productivity apps available for Android. With over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store, it enjoys great popularity among Android users.

This guide will explore all aspects of Pushbulletapp to help you use it effectively on your Android device.

What is Pushbullet?

Pushbullet is an application that enables you to easily “push” and sync notifications, links, files, lists, and more between your devices. You can seamlessly share content across your Android phone, tablet, computer, and other smart devices.

Key Features

Here are some of the great features of Pushbullet:

  • Cross-device Notification Mirroring – Get notifications from your Android device on your computer and vice-versa. Reply to messages from any device.
  • File sharing – Easily share files between devices by uploading them through Pushbulletapp.
  • Universal copy-paste – Copy text or images on one device and paste it on another device using Pushbullet.
  • Note & link sharing – Push notes, lists, and web links easily across your devices.
  • Channel subscriptions – Create public and private channels to share updates within your team, family, or friends.

Along with these, Pushbullet also offers other handy tools like universal dismiss, app streaming, and more.

How it Works

Getting started with Pushbulletapp is easy. Just install the app from Google Play Store on all your Android devices. For your Windows/macOS computer, head to the Pushbullet website and install the associated extension.

Log in to Pushbullet app and extension using your Google account. This connects all your devices through a single Pushbullet account.

Now, anything you push from any device will start showing up instantly on your other linked devices.

For example, you can mirror your Android’s notifications like WhatsApp messages to your Windows laptop. Replying to an SMS from your computer will reflect on your Android phone seamlessly.

You can also push files, app links, notes, and more in a similar fashion. Pushbulletapp syncs everything through the cloud automatically.

Using Pushbullet on Android

Now that you understand the basics of how Pushbulletapp works, let’s see how you can utilize various features on your Android device specifically.

Mirroring Notifications

The most popular use case of Pushbullet is to mirror notifications across devices.

  • Open the Pushbullet app on your Android phone
  • Go to Settings > Notification Access and enable it
  • Open Settings > Notifications and select apps you want to mirror

That’s it! Now all notifications from the selected apps will appear on your computer/tablet browser where you’re logged into Pushbulletapp.

You can even dismiss notifications from your Android device remotely this way.

Replying to Messages

Moreover, Pushbullet also enables you to quickly reply to messages like WhatsApp, SMS from the computer itself.

When you receive a mirrored notification on your computer, just expand it and type out a reply in the input box. As soon as you push Enter, it will sync back to your Android phone.

Much easier than picking up your phone to respond to a message!

Universal Copy-Paste

You can copy any text or image on your Android device and paste it on your Windows PC using Pushbullet’s universal clipboard.

  • On your Android phone, copy any text or image to clipboard as usual
  • Open Pushbullet on computer
  • Click on the clipboard icon in the sidebar
  • You’ll see the copied text/image here. Click on it.
  • Now you can paste it anywhere on your computer!

This comes super handy when you need to quickly transfer bits of information between devices.

File Sharing

Easily share files stored on your Android device to any of your other computers and vice-versa.

  • Open Pushbullet on your Android
  • Go to Files tab
  • Tap on ‘+’ sign and choose file/s you want to upload
  • Selected files start uploading to Pushbullet server
  • Once uploaded, open Pushbullet on destination computer
  • Navigate to Files tab and download needed files

You can share files up to 25 MB for free like this. No need for cumbersome USB transfers!

Sending Links

Spot an interesting news article, cool YouTube video or an app you want to check out later? Pushbullet lets you seamlessly save that link from your phone to your computer.

  • On Android phone, click ‘Share’ link for the app/page you want to push
  • Choose Pushbullet from the share sheet
  • It will instantly appear on your other devices under Links tab
  • Simply click the link on computer to open it in browser

Much more convenient than emailing links to yourself!

Creating Notes

Pushbullet also works great for jotting down quick notes on Android and accessing them across your other devices.

  • Open the app and navigate to Notes tab
  • Tap on the ‘+’ icon to create a new note
  • Give it a title and type your note text
  • The note instantly syncs to your PC/tablet’s Pushbullet

I use this all the time to save bits of temporary information like phone numbers, address, shopping lists etc when I’m on the go. Super handy!

Subscribing to Channels

Channels allow you to subscribe to content streams around specific topics.

You can join both public and private channels on a variety of subjects. Pushbullet has public channels for things like NASA images, top memes, deal alerts etc.

Or you can create private channels and share them with your family members or teammates. Channel subscribers then get real-time push notifications of all updates to that channel.

It serves as a feed for distributing news and updates within private circles conveniently.

Additional Android Tricks

Here are some other useful things you can do with Pushbullet on your Android:

  • App streaming – View and control your Android apps from computer
  • SMS sync – Read/send SMS from computer
  • universal dismiss – Clear phone notifications from computer
  • Quick reply – Respond to messages without leaving current computer app
  • Find My Phone – Ring your phone to find it if lost nearby

As you can see there’s no shortage of productivity hacks by using Pushbullet between your Android and computer!

Pros and Cons of Pushbullet


  • Increases productivity by seamless syncing between devices
  • Easy to set up and intuitive interface
  • Supports cross-platform sync across many device types
  • Lets you reply to phone notifications from computer itself
  • Has useful integrations with services like IFTTT and Zapier
  • Offers end-to-end encryption for data privacy


  • Free version has file size limit of 25mb for transfers
  • Occasional bugs or missing notifications
  • Android battery may drain faster keeping it running always
  • Lacks customization options around notifications

But for most everyday use cases, the pros far outweigh the cons given how much time Pushbullet saves making device transfers frictionless.

Top Pushbullet Alternatives

While Pushbullet is the most popular cross-device utility app, here are some alternatives offering similar notification mirroring and file transfer features:

KDE Connect

KDE Connect is a completely free and open source solution similar to Pushbullet.

  • Syncs notifications between Android, Linux, Windows, macOS
  • Easy file transfer, clipboard sharing
  • More privacy controls compared to Pushbullet
  • Offers additional remote control features

But KDE Connect is a bit more complicated to set up for average users. Pushbullet still wins in terms of simplicity and convenience.


AirDroid has been around as long as Pushbullet. It mirrors notifications and allows seamless file management between devices.

  • Includes remote control features like screen mirroring
  • Strong privacy protection
  • Option for unlimited file transfers on paid tiers

However, AirDroid lacks Pushbullet’s universally consistent experience. The desktop clients feel clunkier while mobile app also pushes upsells.

Join by Joao Apps

Join has a slick interface and almost identical notification syncing capabilities as Pushbullet.

  • Hassle-free file transfer between devices
  • Notes and checklist syncing
  • Location sharing features
  • End-to-end encryption

But Join lacks some of Pushbullet’s handy integrations and channels. Moreover, the free version restricts certain features forcing you into premium tiers.

Pushbullet still provides the most wholesome experience blending productivity, convenience and value.


Pushbullet elegantly solves the need for seamless notifications and file transfers across your devices. With its easy setup, versatile features and intuitive interface, Pushbullet boosts your productivity like no other tool.

It streamlines your work and personal workflows spanning your phones, tablets, computers and makes them feel like a unified whole.

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This guide has explored tips to utilize Pushbullet effectively on your Android device specifically while outlining pros, cons and alternatives.

Overall, Pushbullet is an essential install if you handle multiple devices and want frictionless sync. This handy little app will turbocharge your productivity!

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