JioMeet – The Innovative Indian Video Conferencing App for Android

JioMeet is an innovative video conferencing application launched in 2020 by Reliance Jio for Android and iOS devices. With an easy-to-use interface, enterprise-grade security features, and support for up to 100 participants per call, JioMeet aims to be a Made in India alternative to more established apps like Zoom and Google Meet.

Key Features of JioMeet

Intuitive User Interface

The JioMeet app features an intuitive and user-friendly interface optimized for both smartphones and tablets. Users can easily set up meetings, invite participants, start video calls with a single tap, switch between speaker/gallery layout modes, and access in-call features like screen sharing, video recording, and live captions.

Enterprise-Grade Security

JioMeet utilizes end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption for all meetings to prevent unauthorized access and provide enterprise-level security. Hosts can also enable meeting passcodes and waiting rooms to further control access to video sessions.

Support for Up to 100 Participants

JioMeet enables video calls with up to 100 participants simultaneously, rivaling platforms like Zoom, Teams, and Hangouts. This high participant limit makes JioMeet suitable for large online events, lectures, conferences and office meetings.

Integration with Google/Office 365 Calendars

Users can directly schedule JioMeet video calls via Google Calendar or Office 365 Calendar invitations. One click access eliminates the hassle of manually sharing meeting links for each session.

Active Speaker Spotlight Mode

JioMeet automatically highlights the current active speaker in any meeting using a picture-in-picture spotlight mode. This makes it easier to follow who is speaking during calls with many participants.

Screen Sharing Support

Presenters can broadcast their screens to meeting attendees using JioMeet’s built-in screen sharing functionality. Viewers get to see the presenter’s entire desktop or individual app windows in high resolution over the video call.

Setting Up JioMeet on Android

JioMeet is available for free on the Google Play Store. Getting started with the app only takes a few minutes. Follow the steps below to install and sign up on Android devices.

Step 1: Install the App from Google Play Store

First, open the Play Store on your Android phone or tablet and search for “JioMeet”. Tap the first search result by Jio Platforms Ltd. Then click Install to get the app on your device.

Step 2: Allow Required App Permissions

On first launch, JioMeet will request permissions to access device sensors like camera and microphone. Grant access when system dialogs appear so all app features can function properly during calls.

Step 3: Sign Up with Your Email ID

Next, tap Sign Up and register a new JioMeet account using your email address and desired password. An OTP-based verification process helps confirm your identity.

Step 4: Set Display Name and Profile Picture

Enter your display name – this will appear to other participants in your meetings. You can also upload a profile picture which makes it easier for colleagues to recognize you on video calls.

Once signed up, you’re ready to schedule or join meetings! Read on to learn more about using key in-app features.

How to Schedule and Host Meetings

JioMeet makes organizing video conferences incredibly simple directly from Android devices thanks to its user-friendly meeting creation tools.

Starting an Instant Meeting

Tap the New Meeting button from JioMeet’s home screen to generate a meeting link and passcode. These details can be shared instantly with other users via messaging apps, email etc.

Scheduling a Future Meeting

Alternatively, select Schedule New Meeting and pick a future date/time for your event. Custom recurrence patterns like weekly or monthly meetings can also be configured while scheduling.

Customizing Meeting Settings

While scheduling, hosts can toggle options like enabling waiting room, host and participant video by default, and screen sharing control. These settings help customize meetings based on organizing needs.

Share Meeting Details via Email

The app automatically prepares a ready-made email template with joining info whenever meetings are scheduled. Just enter participant emails and send invite!

Follow the same steps to schedule meetings using Google Calendar or Office 365 Calendar integrations within JioMeet as well.

Joining Meetings on Android Devices

Attending meetings on JioMeet only requires a simple one-tap process – making it very easy for guests to join organized sessions.

Join via Meeting URL

If you have received a JioMeet meeting invite URL via email or messaging apps, simply click the link on your Android device. This will open the app and add you directly to the call.

Join via Meeting ID

Alternatively, launch the JioMeet app manually and key in the meeting ID provided by organizers. Tap Join once entered to enter waiting rooms or active calls.

Connect Audio and Video

By default, JioMeet enables both participant webcam video and microphone audio when joining meetings. Toggle these settings in the meeting toolbar if you wish to turn off either option.

With these simple steps, users can quickly hop into scheduled or instant meetings and connect face-to-face with organizers and other attendees.

Top In-Meeting Features

JioMeet packs a robust suite of in-call features to enhance real-time communication and engagement during meetings.

Screen Sharing

Presenters can share their full desktop screens or individual application windows by tapping the Screen Share icon during calls. This allows live demonstrations of documents, apps, websites and more to viewers.

Video Recording

Hosts have the option to record entire or selective portions of meetings with audio-video for future reference. Captured JioMeet call recordings are conveniently saved under the Videos tab within the app’s media gallery.

Virtual Backgrounds

To maintain privacy or minimize distractions in the background, attendees can select virtual backgrounds to overlay behind themselves during video calls.

Live Captions

JioMeet can transcribe active speaker audio into real-time text captions via the Live Captions functionality. This enhanced accessibility feature assists meeting participants who have difficulty hearing the call audio clearly for any reason.

Raise Hand

The Raise Hand option helps maintain decorum during meetings with larger crowds. Attendees can virtually signal hosts when they have questions or wish to speak up without interrupting others.

The combination of an intuitive UI and well-designed features makes participating in JioMeet conferencing productive and engaging from Android mobiles and tablets.

Ensuring Call and Stream Quality

JioMeet leverages cutting-edge Wi-Fi and cellular streaming protocols to minimize video lag and buffering issues during meetings. However, users can manually adjust preferences to prioritize streaming performance.

Video Quality Preference

Lower video quality settings can often stabilize connections on weaker networks. Users can select options like HD, SD or Auto based on available bandwidth strength.

Downloading Videos

Meeting attendees and hosts facing frequent buffering have the option to download captured session videos for smooth offline viewing later.

Switching Cellular Data / Wi-Fi

JioMeet can intelligently shift between available Wi-Fi and mobile data connectivity depending on which provides better bitrates for streaming. Quick in-app data toggles allow manual connections switching as well.

By optimizing these network and performance options, users can ensure non-stop high quality JioMeet video conferencing over both 4G/5G and broadband connections.

Integrating JioMeet with Productivity Apps

JioMeet features easy integrations with popular productivity solutions – making conference calling more streamlined within normal workflows.

Google Workspace Add-On

Install the JioMeet add-on available on Google Workspace Marketplace for easy access within Gmail, Docs, Sheets etc. This allows quicker meeting joins and scheduling without switching apps.

Office 365 Calendar Plugin

Include JioMeet conferences directly within Outlook meeting invites. Recipients can tap calendar event details to enter synchronized app calls automatically.

Slack Integration

Share JioMeet invites and schedule meetings via direct messages or public/private Slack channels using a dedicated JioMeet Slack app integration.

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These time-saving integrations eliminate context switching from your favorite communication and collaboration platforms.

With an impressive Android app and growing list of 3rd party ecosystem ties, JioMeet provides a feature-packed Made in India video conferencing solution for enterprises and individual users alike. Continued product updates and innovations cement its position as a formidable Zoom and Teams competitor going forward.

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